About Us

Airtoolfittings, a subsidiary of a well known power tools distributor Toolmarts, is a value brand that designs, manufactures and distributes high quality and competitively priced pneumatic fittings, also called air tool fittings, for brand name tools. Our products bring equally good value for professional craftsmen, repair centers, industrial shops and Do It Yourself applications. Integration with United Parcel Service (UPS) enables us to bring our customers a breezy service at a very economical price.

We realized that air tools are a great addition to a power tool supply but they rely on quality accessories to operate properly and efficiently. That's why we started the journey of filling the void of high quality air tools fittings offering a diverse variety of air tool and compressed air accessories, including air tanks, hoses, air gauges, couplers, full kits and many other items that make air tool applications a possibility in your workplace or on your personal projects.